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Think about your current (or past) organization. Based on our reading for this week how do you believe your organization is executing from a total quality management perspective? Are they doing well? Is there room for improvement? Regardless of what you perceive/believe, explain your reasoning. In addition to chapter 1 and 2, discuss how chapter 9 topics might explain why your organization is doing well or poorly as it relates to total quality management. Lastly, explain what you believe the first steps should be in order to either continue what the organization is doing (if things are good) or to fix what the organization is doing (if things are bad)? I am just looking for what your point of view is.


SOURCE: Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-

Heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355


CHAPTERS 1, 2, AND 9!!

My current position is a Sales Associate at the United States Postal Service. I am also a Distribution Associate there.


I am currently employed at the Department of Social Service (DSS). We receive a lot of flak as an organization and being an Income Maintenance Caseworker isn’t easy. I have not been employed with the organization that long, but during my time there I have experienced quite a bit. On the outside looking in as a previous client, I would say there are several changes that need to be made to improve operations. As an employee, I would say with the number of clients and cases we handle we are constantly making changes to improve production and efficiency.

Based on the reading, I believe DSS is continuously implementing policies to execute total quality management. It is a huge organization with several different departments and there are department managers that act as quality control personnel to work together with ‘us’ (caseworkers). We recently had an organization-wide virus that caused our systems to go down for almost two weeks. It was hectic, but we pulled together and functioned at capacity as if we still had our normal technology.

Could we do better? Of course, we could do better! A larger budget to hire more caseworkers would be a start to help out tremendously to even the caseloads and cut down on client wait times. Our time is monitored with daysheets (this could be a form of histograms) to ensure we are optimizing time and being productive. Direct supervisors are performing case audits to ensure the correct letters are going out to the clients in a timely fashion, the right decisions are being made in determinations and evaluating expedited cases.



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