University of Manchester Crime Scene Analysis Case Study

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View and explore a mock crime scene.

Describe the scene and evidence. Observe the evidence presented within the crime scene. Review the crime

scene and take notes on the location and content of items.

Extrapolate (provide a story) on what occurred in the crime scene.

Use the knowledge obtained across term 3 to Analyse by linking the narrative with theory and correlates of crime.

The crime scene analysis requires the use of APA formatting and referencing in accordance with academic

conventions. The following sections are be required for the case study:

1. Introduction

2. Crime Scene/Evidence Description

3. Extrapolation

Narrative of what led to the crime being committed.

4. Analysis

Link narrative with theory and correlates

5. Conclusion

Students are required to refer to a minimum of four (4) academic sources for background information for the crime

scene analysis, specifically relating to the analysis section.

The task should be completed in approximately 1200 to 1500 words.

Students will then record a maximum five (5) minute video to be uploaded to Moodle, which outlines part 3 and 4 of

the case study


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