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Congress has been described as a horse and buggy institution in a jet age. Yet, the Founding Fathers built in time making Congress a deliberative body that would not be subject to the immediate “passions and prejudices” of an electorate. Various “fixes” are proposed each year to bring the Congress into the Twenty-First Century.


  1. Review the legislation proposed by Congressmen Eric Swalwell (R-CA) and Steve Pearce (R-NM), Swalwell, Pearce Introduce Resolution to Bring Congress into 21st Century
  3. Read the ‘Virtual Congress’ Would Weaken the Deliberative Process by Congressman David Dreier (R-Calif.), chairman of the very powerful House Rules Committee.
  5. Post your thoughts on whether the Virtual Congress is a good “fix” for the Twenty-First Century Congress or would it weaken its effectiveness.


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