W#6 Health Promotion

Assignment: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population.During this assignment, you will be asked to discuss the concepts of health promotion and disease prevention, relating this information to the role of the APRN and applying it to the vulnerable population you selected: I selectedCOMBAT VETERANSas the vulnerable population.My program of study is: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).The goal of this assignment is two fold:1) for you to demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of health promotion and disease prevention as related to the role of the APRN while applying this information to a specific vulnerable population – Combat Veterans2) for you to have an opportunity to develop your writing and APA formatting skills.The faculty want you to be successful. Being able to present not only your thoughts but evidence-based practice information in a concise, systematic, and clear manner will be a talent that serves you well.The paper is to be five to eight pages in length, not including the title page, attachments, and reference pages.The paper will be divided into four sections.Section # 1a) Introductioni. WHO’s definition of healthii. Concepts of health, health promotion, and behavior change optionsiii. Vulnerable individuals and populationsb) Historical Perspectives of Healthc) Healthy People Initiative – overall summary of the initiatived) Levels of Preventioni. Primordialii. Primaryiii. Secondaryiv.Tertiaryv. Quaternarye) The role of nursing, specifically APRNs, in health promotion and disease preventionSection #2a) Vulnerability as a conceptb) Health disparitiesc) Cultural competency as a providerd) Defining resilience and applying to the vulnerablee) Advocacy role as a providerf) Vulnerable people, groups, populations, and societal views: Sinner versus victim (Mechanic and Tanner, 2005)Section #3(Don’t forget to use the media/website/video links, as they will provide a lot of great information). Focus on your specific vulnerable population group: Combact Veterans.a) Introduce your vulnerable population: sinner or victim?Note: I would like to choose victim for this vulnerable population.b) Social justice related to your populationc) Low literacy within your population and how this affects their healthd) Evaluate your vulnerable population related to current Healthy People Initiative guidelines.e) Discuss one primary health concern for your population and include the preventive guideline related to this concern and how you might motivate this group to make behavioral changes.f) Discuss use of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with your vulnerable population – pros and cons. How can community-level plans/interventions influence individual and family health?g) Discuss what resources are available within your community for your specific population and vulnerable populations in general.Note: I live in the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County. Miami area.Section #4a) The conclusion of your paper should bring all your information together.b) Discuss an approach for improving health literacy within your populationc) Discuss how, as an APRN, you can impact vulnerable individuals in your community.d) Conclude with a summary of how we as a nation are doing with health promotion and disease prevention.Note: This assignment is to be submitted in an APA paper format (that is, title page, title, introduction and purpose statement, body of the paper with a conclusion, appropriate citations and reference page(s) along with attachments). Please make sure that ALL paragraphs are well developed, and have five to six sentences each, with citations for validity.IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:In addition,you also need to submit a rough draft of your paper. At a minimum, your draft should include completed Sections 1–3; however, to get the most from a faculty review of your work, you are highly encouraged to submit Sections 1–4. The page guideline for this assignment is 5–8 pages with a minimum of 5 scholarly references, 2 of which should be new sources that were not provided in the course. The page requirements do not include the title page, references, or appendices.This is a TURNITIN ASSIGNMENT. (Free of plagiarism)


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