Week 3 Assignment- HRM

Week 3 – Assignment


Do the following:

All organizations have policies, procedures, and rules that govern their employer-employee relationships.
For this week’s assignment you will write a 500 word essay on why policy, procedures and rules are important. Your essay should include:

  1. A discussion of the importance of policies, procedures and rules and the role they play in the achievement of organizational objectives
  2. A discussion of how policies are developed
  3. The definition of a policy, a procedure and a rule, as well as an example of each Support your position by citing the text or other researched sources. Be sure to identify all sources.

Be sure to:

  1. Present your easy in the proper essay format for an academic exercise.
  2. Submit an essay free of spelling errors and use correct grammar.
  3. Support your conclusion with examples or cite researched sources.


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