What Is Globalization


You work for the online edition of a local business magazine. Your editor has asked you to write four articles to be published on the website in honor of “International Corporate Responsibility Month.” Write an article about each of the following topics, being sure to address each of the points listed.

  1. “Globalization—What Is It? How Did It Happen?”
    • Include a discussion of the political, economic and sociocultural factors involved in globalization.
    • How has globalization changed corporate practices? Compare current practices to those before globalization took hold. What is the same and what is different?
    • Provide examples of current ethical issues that globalization raises.
  2. “Marketing to a Global Audience”
    • Include information about cross-cultural and legal issues involved in global marketing.
    • How has globalization changed marketing? Compare current practices to those before globalization took hold. What is the same and what is different?
  3. “Corporate Responsibility—Why Does It Matter?”
    • Include information on positive and negative practices of global corporations.
  4. “Five Global Business Trends to Watch ”
    • Include information on five distinct and significant trends in global business.

Each article should be approximately 400–500 words and should be written in your own words for a general audience with an interest in business. (Assume the audience has no specialized knowledge.) Avoid using jargon. Be sure to include facts and data to support your points. Use photos, charts, and links to other media to illustrate and supplement your articles. Be sure to document all your sources using APA formatting. You can use the Concept Organizer, available in the Project resources, to help you plan your articles.


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