Where do we find Therapy animals?

Where do we find Therapy animals?


You should start the topic with an introduction that discusses what is meant by “pet therapy”. You need to use in-text citations for your information, for example, how do you know that dogs are the most common pet therapy animal? There are some grammatical errors throughout your outline. You should indicate who will be discussing each section. Lastly you will need 5 additonal references when you submit your reference list in two weeks. Be sure to use APA in your reference list.
The topic for our presentation is Pet Therapy
I. Our relationship with animals and why are they important
A. Relationships with animals can be stronger than with people
B. Why are animals important
1. They are important because they are pervasive in our lives
2. Often first toys we play with-stuffed animals
3. As adults, we are surrounded by animal-
II. The Role of theAnimal/Human Bond in Healing
A. How it lead to the expansion of pet therapy
B. Dogs are the most common because of their the only species that do not show fear of strangers.
1. As Pet Therapy got more popular it expanded and caught on.
2. The most common Pet Therapy Animal
III. Benefits of Therapy animals and where we find them.
A. Some of the benefits of therapy animals are empathy, socialization, physical touch, entertainment, nurturance, healing, and communication
B. Where do we find Therapy animals?




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The post Where do we find Therapy animals? first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.


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