working Thesis Statement workshop

Working Thesis Statement Workshop


You will be doing a full draft workshop of your entire research essay, but this 

forum is specifically to work on your thesis statements and the structure of your essay. For this assignment, post your working thesis statement and a list of the 3-

4 most important pieces of evidence you will be including in your essay to support your thesis (use your summary skills!). After you post your working thesis and list, you will be able to see the posts of your peers. Respond to two of your peers’ working thesis and list with 1) at least two specific recommendations for how to improve their thesis, 2) At least one question for your peer about the relationship between their thesis and evidence. 


Example Post: Student A 


Working thesis: The National Park System is an invaluable part of the American experience and should remain free or low cost to all visitors.

Evidence: 1) The National Parks Act, 2) Use of national parks in recent years, 3) Discussion of ecotourism, 4) Cost-benefit analysis.


Example Response to Student A

  1. Instead of saying that it is an “invaluable part of the American experience”, be more specific about what that means. It seems too general.
  2. Is free and low cost really important to your thesis? If so, you should make a stronger statement.
  3. Are cost-benefit analysis and eco-tourism related? If so, how?


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