I need these discussion questions answered in about 200 words each with references.1. Consider the importance of ancestor veneration in Chinese tradition. Is it possible to incorporate aspects of this tradition within Christian practice in a Chinese context? Explain why or why not. Cite supporting information from the topic materials.2. Give an example of how Shinto beliefs and practices have influenced Japanese culture. Cite supporting information from the topic materials.RESOURCESRead Chapters 13 and 14 in Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions.Read “Chinese Popular Religion and Christianity Before and After the 1949 Revolution: A Retrospective View,” by Bays, from Fides et historia (1991). URL: the video, “CRAZY and Beautiful Chinese Religion in Taiwan – AMAZING PICTURES!” from The Taiwanese Secrets on the YouTube website (2010). URL: the video, “Confucius: Words of Wisdom,” by History Education, located in the Films on Demand database (1998). URL: “Shinto, an Ancient Japanese Religion,” by Robinson, from (2012). URL: “Shinto History,” from the Faiths & Ecology website. URL: the video, “Shinto Shrine,” from BEGIN Japanology, on the YouTube website (2016). URL: the video, “Taoism in Brief,” from Luofu Mountain, on the YouTube website (2014). URL:–PyvGh2Ukc3. Identify key concepts of both African traditional religion and Native American religions. Based on these concepts, what similarities are there among these two groups? How do they differ? Cite supporting information from the topic materials.4. In what sense does the Judeo-Christian tradition share aspects of traditional religions? In what sense is the Judeo-Christian tradition different from traditional religions? Based on this understanding, how can Christians enhance their interactions with those who adhere to traditional religious beliefs and practices?RESOURCESRead Chapters 7 and 8 in Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions.Read “African Concept of God, Evil and Salvation in African Traditional Religion (ATR): Critique From Cultural View Point,” by Adedeji, from the Journal of Global Intelligence & Policy (2012). URL: the “African Worldviews” video, by Conrad Mbewe, on the YouTube website (2010). URL: “The Story of Africa: Traditional Religions, Islam and Christianity” from the BBC World Service website. URL: “Great Mysteries: Native North American Religions and Participatory Visions,” by Marks, from ReVision (2007). URL: the Introduction and Chapter 3, “Cultural Identity, Authenticity, and Community Survival: The Politics of Recognition in the Study of Native American Religions,” by Irwin, in Native American Spirituality: A Critical Reader (2000). URL: the article,”‘Kill the Indian, and Save the Man’: Capt. Richard H. Pratt on the Education of Native Americans,” on the History Matters website. URL: the “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” video on the YouTube website. URL: the first 15 minutes of the “Richard Twiss Memorial” video on the YouTube website (2013). After watching the first 15 minutes, reflect on Lakota Sioux Christian music.URL: the testimony of Richard Twiss in the “Drumming, Chanting and Other Christian Things” video on the YouTube website (2013). URL:


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