write the research paper about public health problem

Written assignment:

Fact sheet draft and sources

1. Locate ten required sources for your fact sheet research.

A. Choose one of the ten important Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) public health problems, using the Prevention Status Report (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. information.

B. The fact sheet sources should be credible sources of information that focus on a public health problem.

C. Providing resources for a “fact sheet” means the sources you use should be credible. Use websites, blogs, online journals, magazines, or newspapers, audio or video sources, for potential sources of information:

      • At least five sources must be from online journals, magazines, or newspapers.

NOTE: Information from dictionary and encyclopedia sources are general in nature and can be used, BUT will not count towards your ten sources. That is, your ten sources cannot be multiple dictionary or encyclopedia entries, but sources beyond the initial ten may be so. In a similar vein, using different pages of a website is NOT locating various sources of information.

TIP: Be selective of which state’s information you choose to use. For example, if you are interested in motor vehicle injuries, would it make more sense to review Connecticut (a small state) or California and Texas (larger states, larger populations, more vehicles)?

TIP2: The CDC site lists references for each of the ten important public health problems when viewing reports by state. You may use up to five of those references for your sources. Remember, you also need to use the proper APA citation style, and summarize the sources! If a website is listed, you will need to update the access date.

2. Summarize each source in 3 to 5 sentences.

A. The summary should relate to and discuss the public health problem.

B. There is no need to “cite” sources in the summary, as it will be listed immediately after the source. (See layout example below).


1. Format the sources in APA style, using the examples found in the Purpose and Reading assignment. You can use general search engines, the Zahnow Library database, or other sources of reliable and verifiable information.

2. Listing only a weblink is not an acceptable formatted source.


1. Open MS Word, select a blank document (do not use a template!).
2. Put your name and the proposed title of your fact sheet on the first page of your sources. Then write a short paragraph (3 to 5 sentences) on why you are interested in this public health problem.
3. Skip a line, then list your sources and summaries. Make sure you skip a line between each source/summary combination.
4. Remove or turn off hyperlinks.
5. Single-space. Check the Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line


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