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Spheres of Influence

Week 1 discussion 1

Considering the “six spheres of influence” regarding community and governmental leaders that influence how law enforcement obtains their goals, identify the two most influential elements. What factors establish these elements as most influential? Why?  

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James: I believe that the two main spheres of influence that actually influence how law enforcement obtains goals would have to be the general public and the media. These two have influenced law enforcement a lot over the years. The way that the public can affect law enforcement in obtaining goals is due to the fact that the public can hold the key to many things that go on with anything in law enforcement. The public can help law enforcement with money. If law enforcement has a good relationship with the public then they may donate money and find ways to help the departments out. They can also be harmful to law enforcement with protests, especially if an officer messes up. This has been shown in the outcomes of the shooting in Missouri and the incident in New York where the gentleman was choked. As a department you have to walk a fine line when it comes to the public because they can help and also hurt your department. Another way that can help is if you have a good relationship with the people in the community, then they are more willing to help officers when it comes to solving crimes. When it comes to the media they can be helpful to any department, but can also be disastrous. The way that they can help is getting word out to the public if a department needs help to find a suspect. They can also help a department by doing good press on the department. They can also hurt a department with bad press as well. Two great examples are the Missouri shooting and New York incident. This really brought bad press and in Missouri caused many riots because of all of the bad press the media caused. I see the media as a problem for any agency. If you have an officer that messes up and it can even be minor if the media finds out then they will run with it.


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