You are a business consultant who has been engaged by a client from an

You are a business consultant who has been engaged by a client from an
MNC to consider how to develop employees’ individual decision making
abilities in both high and low power distance cultures. Prepare a report to
discuss the potential issues and recommend what steps need to be taken to
overcome the potential issues. State clearly any assumptions you make.
Support your analysis and recommendations with reference to published
research and academic journals, real life examples, and other relevant and
reliable sources.

Marking criteria Detailed marking criteria will be available on eLearning prior to the
submission date.
Length: 3000 words (excluding references)
Weighting: 30%
Due date Tuesday, 2 April, 2013 9:30am
Please Note: This is the day after the Easter Monday public holiday.
(The make up lecture/tutorial is Wednesday 27 March (daytime)).
Late submission penalties will apply to students who submit their
assignments after 9:30am on Tuesday 2 April, 2013..
Style and format: Your Report should take the style of a business report with an executive
summary, introduction, separate recommendation section and a separate
conclusion, followed by your references.
Typed, double spaced, standard essay format. 10-12 Point 2.5 cm margins.
References in Harvard Format. Support for report preparation is available at
theUniLearning site:
Learning Outcomes
and Graduate
1. Understand and evaluate from different perspectives the practices
used to manage people in multi-national enterprises
2. Explain how external factors and business criteria influence
decisions made by multi-national enterprises with regard to how
they manage their people
4. Integrate their learning in appropriate business and academic
It also relates to the following graduate qualities:
1. Understanding international business theory and practice
2. Intelligent use of information
3. Creative problem solving
4. Leadership
5. Responsible and ethical behaviour


Assignments for this subject must be submitted to Turnitin prior to submitting to SBS. See SBS
Policies and Processes booklet for more information.

The use of information provided on websites established for the purpose of providing assessment
task solutions can constitute plagiarism. Similarly, the provision of information to such sites can be
regarded as aiding the commitment of plagiarism. Requesting information about assessment
solutions from current or previously enrolled students may also be interpreted as intent to commit
plagiarism. Such activities should be avoided as they can potentially represent student academic
misconduct and be subject to penalty


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